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Lettre de motivation

Closed room, a sever looking inquisitor behind a red table with a big parchment laid on it, point a finger at it while looking at the protagonist accusingly

-Why do you want this job ?

Looking straight back with confidence, the protagonist answers with utmost seriousness

-I've always been passionate about not starving to death

After weeks of consideration we have decided to go with another candidate who is better suited to our needs at this time.

It was noted during your interviews, you had told both our recruiter and the hiring manager that "they wasted your time because they were late" and "you took time off from work just to hear a low ball offer and that we should have posted the salary range in the job description". We told you that we do this so people won't apply just for the money. After which you replied "what money ?".

Thank you for your time and consideration.


@mes 2 coachs RSA

JANE : So what kind of job are you looking for ?

DARIA : The kind that's already been taken. They said I had to look for a job - they didn't said I had to find one.