1. Kimi to Tsuzuru Utakata

    [Ongoing]Tearjerker about romance, bullying and a deadly sickness

  2. Whispering You a Love Song

    [Ongoing]K-on band but with a lot more of yuri

  1. Why is My Crush so Hard on Me?

    [Ongoing] Tsundere story

  2. Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess!

    [Ongoing]Tsundere goofing

  3. Mage & Demon Queen

    [Ongoing]heroine and her demon queen crush

  4. Can't Defy the Lonely Girl

    [Ongoing]Serious schoolgirl get gay with a loner

  5. My Wish is to Fall In Love Until You Die

    [Ongoing]Fantasy setting where girls are trained to die for their country

  1. A Scummy Gap Student With a Hard Life Calls Upon a Lady of the Night

    [Ongoing] Rent a girlfriend yuri version

  2. Smile Style

    [Ongoing] A girl transfer to an all girl school full of lesbian perverts. And she pass for one. (a bit heavy on the burlesque)

  3. The Witch's Marriage

    [Ongoing]Burlesque romance between two witches (a bit heavy on the romance)

  4. The Princess of Sylph

    [Ongoing] the princess is neglecting herself. Her sword personified in a nun try to support her.

Common but lesser
  1. Ayaka is in Love with Hiroko!

    [Ongoing] Cliché shared but never said yuri romance at office between the kouhai/sensei

  2. Our Yuri Started With Me Getting Rejected in a Dream

    [Ongoing]Usual cliché romance between schoolgirls

  3. Throw Away the Suit Together

    [Ongoing]A couple of post-teens stop trying to get a job conventionally and elope on an island

  4. Munou na Nana

    [Ongoing]Death Note type

  5. Who Decided That Blues Had To Be Cool!?

    26 chapters short manga about magical girl yuri

  6. Goodbye, My Rose Garden

    3 manga about a maid and a noble

  7. The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy At All

    [Ongoing]The quiproco classic boy/girl and then on who likes who, between a popular and an introvert bonding over... Oldschool rock or something metalish.

  8. From Aiu Station on the Hiragana Line

    1 manga packed with oneshot unrelated stories : [the eponymous one], Girls Planetarium, Ephemeral Asterism, Forever Girls, At The Bottom Of The Stairway To Adulthood

  9. Even the Introverted Gals Wanna Get Out There!

    [Ongoing]Schoolgirl romance

  1. About a College Girl Who Gets Picked Up at a Mixer by an Older Girl

    [Skipped]Student going out with the bus-driver

  2. Chotto Ippai!

    [Skipped]Students being employed at a restaurant

  1. Beauty and the Beast Girl

    The title is quite explainatory

  2. Hero-san and Former General-san

    Power ranger kind, arch-enemy to hero

  3. Itoshi Koishi

    [Ongoing]A pre-adult and a adult fawning over each other but being very serious and undaring about it, japan way.


  1. Spice & Wolf

    Wolf girl and a merchant soft flirting.

  1. It's Tough Being Neeko

    [Ongoing]In the skin of a japanese NEET


  1. Kaguya-sama

  1. Sing Yesterday for me

  2. Kenshin

  3. Gunm

  4. Gon

  5. Naruto

  6. Dragon Ball & Z & GT